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Creating generative environments and social fields of love, compassion and wisdom in education. Enhancing the WELLBEING of students, teachers and the community.

Compassionate Systems is an approach that needs a paradigm shift and a change in how we approach our social, emotional and ecological wellbeing. It begins with the intention to make that transformation happen. 


My transformational journey started with meditation and it continued with the Master Practitioners Certification from The Center for Systems Awareness at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in Compassionate Systems Framework with the co-founders Peter Senge and Mette Böll (Boell).


CLC facilitates the growth of Compassionate Systems in schools by building their capacity, engaging community, prototyping practice and promoting the growth of improvement teams. CLC encourages action research that can support the development of sustainable learning environments of wellbeing for children and adults to learn, grow and thrive. 

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